Keynote Lectures

  • J. Carlos Santamarina
    Multiphysics Sediment Characterization and Process Monitoring
  • Susanne Schmidt
    Towards a sustainable future โ€“ shining the light on Australiaโ€™s landscapes, food systems and culture
  • Matthias Buecker
    Numerical modelling of low-frequency dielectric properties
  • Olivier Francais
    Lab On a Chip for dielectric characterization of biological media
  • Chih-Ping Lin
    Transmission Line Modeling and Signal Processing for Pragmatic Dielectric Measurements
  • Paul Ben Ishai & Yuri Feldman
    A Dielectric History of Water
  • Konstanty Bialkowski
    Dielectric properties and and biomedical applications

Final Program (2023-09-26)